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The Ultimate Indie Gift Guide to Valentine's Day 2019.


Thank you for the love on the Galentine’s Day gift guide post! You all seemed to love it, so much so that I decided to do the same for Valentine’s Day! Yay! This is your one stop shop for all things lovey, there will be a range of gifts for your loved ones, whoever you love. After all, love is love.

1.Personalised Constellation Print - Hanging Monkey Arts £15+
What could be more special than a print of the night sky from a specific place and time of your choice? These lovely prints are based on data from Nasa in order to ensure accuracy of the sky. Completely customisable and gorgeously presented. This will be a hit, I’m sure of it.

Hangin Monkey Arts

2. Romantic Gestures Box - The Happy Makehouse £11.96
How beautiful is this?! A stunningly printed copper presentation box contains ten little glass tubes, featuring ten date ideas printed onto metallic paper. I just think these are a beautiful way of spicing up date nights and trying out new things. Once you’ve used up the ten ideas that come in the box, you can always reuse the glass tubes and put your own ideas in to keep the date nights going!

romantic gestures.jpg

3. You Turn Me On Card - Studio Boketto £2.55
This one is perfect for all the couples out there that aren’t about that lovey dovey life. Funny, crude and straight to the point, this 350gsm A6 card is a wonderfully different addition to Valentine’s Day. They also do so many other great cards, I highly recommend you check them out, if rude cards are your thing!


4, 5 & 6: Boob Socks, Dick Socks, Vulva Socks - Crudely Drawn £14
I’ve grouped these altogether because when I discovered this Etsy shop, I just couldn’t pick one pair of socks as they’re all fab. You or your partner are bound to like one of these pairs of socks and I just think they would look ace paraded around town.

boob socks.jpg
vulva socks.jpg

7. 4GB/8GB/16GB USB Mixtape - The Blank Record Store £15.99+
Mixtapes have to be the most iconic romantic gift of all time, right? This gift will replicate the nostalgic vibes whilst bringing it up a few decades. The label can also be personalised with your own message and design as well so you can really add that extra touch.

usb mixtape.jpg

8. Separated by distance pillow - HappyMode £22.79
A pillow cover adorned with a printed map of the world and any two countries can be joined together with printed red stitches. No pillow is included but the beautiful design more than makes up for that. This is perfect if you’re in a long distance relationship or you and your partner are separated for work or something.

distance pillow.jpg

9. I whaley love you mug - A Couple of Mugs £12.50
Sweet and simple with a cute illustration, this mug is perfect for giving to your loved one to use at work or it can be their new favourite morning tea mug.

whale mug.jpg

10. I Love You Wrapping Paper - Harfields Design £1.50
Finally, you have to wrap these presents, so how about this lovely hand screen-printed wrapping paper? All paper is FSC certified and with a smooth silky finish too!.

wrapping paper.jpg

I hope this list has helped stir up some indie business Valentine’s inspo for you and you can get unique with your gifts! Have a great day!

Elle x

The Ultimate Indie Gift Guide to Galentine's Day 2019


Whilst the 13th of February marks Pancake Day, it also marks Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the wonderful pals you have in your life who identify as women. It’s about celebrating what you do for each other and the love that you share. So in honour of all of that loveliness, I’ve compiled a list of cute and sassy cards and gifts from indie businesses that you can give to your pals, should you wish to!

1.Best Gal Pals Card - Liz Harry £2.50
How sweet is this card by Liz? I’m getting major My Little Pony vibes from this card design. This design is taken from her original hand drawn lettering, which just makes this even more beautiful.

liz harry 1.jpg

2. Hey Gal Friend - Liz Harry £2.50
Well this is the second card from Liz on the list because as you might be able to tell, I love her work! This super gorgeous pastel and dark pink sweetheart design is perfect for sending to your best gals.

liz harry 2.jpg

3. Best Friends Interlocking Keyrings - Wren and Wilson £16
How cute are these zombie style laser cut wooden keyring designs? The little fingers can interlock so that you and your gal pal can make pinkie promises on the go! They are super sweet and unique and I love that they started life as original hand drawn illustrations.

wren 1.jpg

4. Vag Soup Card - BeckyBygone £2.80
Calling all of your crude friends! This statement design by BeckyBygone is perfect for any of your gal pals that aren’t afraid of breaking taboos. Bright, bold and proudly feminist, this card is perfect for Galentines’s Day.

becky 1.jpg

5. Love Heart Pin - LauraGirlingIllo £6.00
These gorgeous pins are hand made and hand painted from polymer clay, so they are able to be customisable. There are three colours to choose from and you can choose the style of the design painted on the front. I just think these are super cute and would be perfect to send out to each of your pals.

loveheart pin.jpg

6. Parks and Rec Candy Hearts Pin - Bunny Designs Shop £8.93
I don’t know about you, but Parks and Recreation pretty much started Galentine’s Day for me. I absolutely love Leslie Knope and everything she’s about so the fact that these three phrases from the show have been immortalised in cute love heart form. As far as enamel pins go, this one is giving me major 90s, cutesy vibes. Perfect for giving to your best gal.

parks and rec pin.jpg

7. Girl Gang A6 Postcard Set - Girl and Cat Studio £7
How beautifully illustrated are these feminist postcards?! “Never underestimate the power of a girl gang”, now that is a power phrase that is perfect for sharing with the best ladies in your life. You get 4 in a pack too so you won’t have to miss anyone out!

girl gang.jpg

8. Thick and Gin Friendship Keyring - Of Life and Lemon £10
Cute illustrations and puns are my dream combo! So this adorable keyring is perfect for gifting to your closest, gin loving pal. Share the friend love! You could even get one for yourself and one for your pal so you can match. How sweet!

thick and gin.jpg

9. Long Distance A5 Print - Em and the Earth £10
How sweet is this gorgeous illustration? This is the perfect gift to show your love for your long distance pal! Holding hands all across the world. What is a cuter message to share than that?

10. What would the Spice Girls do Mug - Tea Please Co Uk £10.75
I don’t know about you but the Spice Girls were ultimate gal pal goals. What better way to show your appreciation of your best pal than by gifting this incredible girl power mug!

spice girls.jpg

Now that you’re full to the brim with Galentine’s day gift inspo, I think my job is complete! How amazing were those ideas? And all from indie businesses that are going to be doing happy dances left, right and centre when they get an order. I hope this inspires you to shop small and independent this year!

Do you love the gifts I chose? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon,

Elle x

Indie Biz Spotlight: Halloween Edition

We’re officially in October now which can mean only one thing. Halloween is coming! I don’t know about you but I love Halloween. Wednesday Addams is my pretty much my spirit animal. I love spooky, dark things, getting dressed up and throwing spooky themed parties. You also know how much I love indie businesses too. I started my own one for goodness sake! So it will come as no surprise to you that I love to champion and show off other people’s indie businesses too. Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done in this blog post. Kick back, relax, peruse through this list of Halloween inspired products from UK indie businesses and be ready to get your spook on.

1. Hey Pumpkin Print - Print Perfect UK
This super cute print is available in A5 and A4 from Emily at Print Perfect UK. I just love pumpkins and this gorgeous watercolour effect print is perfect for adding a piece of Autumn to your home.

hey pumpkin.jpg

Hocus Pocus Illustrated Print - Lost Plots Shop
Hocus Pocus is such a classic Halloween film and this beautiful print encapsulates all of that. Based on Lisa’s original pen and ink illustration, this A4 print is perfect for adding a splash of spookiness to your Autumnal decor.

hocus pocus.jpg

3. Black Cat Print - Aimee Marie Art
This stunning art print conjures up all feelings of the supernatural and everything thats great about Halloween. I highly recommend checking out all of Aimee’s prints, I fell in love with pretty much all of them after coming across this print. If you like the weird and the wonderful, go check a girl out.

black cat.jpg

4. Hand Painted Jack Skellington Glasses- Helen’s Bespoke Glass
I saw these on Etsy and you all know how much I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! I just thought that this cute little set of 4 hand-painted glasses with different Jack expressions would be perfect for a spooky dinner party.

jack glasses.jpg

5. Handpainted Ghost Teapot -Hand Drawn World
I thought this hand painted teapot was absolutely adorable! It’s perfect for younger children or for spooky dinner party or Halloween party. There is a choice of two sizes for the teapots (450ml and 1.1L capacities) and each one is hand drawn.

ghost teapot.jpg

6. Halloween To The Moon T-shirt - Earth Delight
I just love how unique this T-shirt design is! This striking pumpkin space design is right up my street. All their T-shirts are printed on organic cotton and unisex.

halloween to the moon.jpg

7. 3 Eyed Doll Statement Necklace - Jawline Jewellery
If you love statement jewellery pieces and odd things, you are going to love this shop! Full of pieces perfect for the Halloween season. This statement necklace has retro doll eyes, complete with lashes. This style design is available as brooches, earrings and more.

eye necklace.jpg

8. Eyeball Pins - Rock Cakes
This is the first of many enamel pins on this list! Eyeballs are inherently spooky anyway, plus these ones from Rock Cakes are bright green and pink which are perfect Halloween colours, but perfect for those of you that don’t like just black.

eye ball pins.jpg

9. Hanging Bat Earrings - Neat Eats
Hands up if you love bats! I find bats to be so cute and these earrings are even cuter! The bats are hanging upside down in hanging silver plated earrings. The bats have lovely detail that are perfect for a cute pop of Halloween this season.

hanging bat earrings.jpg

10. Bat Enamel Pin - Darwin Designs Cards
I may have a thing for bats, it would seem from the last two finds! I just love how sweet and detailed this enamel pin is. It makes for a perfect pop of spooky just in time for Halloween. The pin comes in soft enamel and with a choice of three metal finishes.

bat pin.jpg

11. Black Witches Cat Enamel Pin - Glitter Punk Jewellery
As well as bats, it seems this post may have a lot of black cats too! How gorgeous is this black cat in a Witch’s hat pin from Glitter Punk Jewellery?! This is a 40mm gold hard enamel pin with beautiful purple shaded flowers.

witches cat.jpg

Black Cat Castle Sweatshirt - Hello Dodo
I’m a sucker for anything from Hello Dodo, I have most of their products on my wish list. This gorgeously Halloweeny sweatshirt celebrating the beauty of black cats is definitely on there. Wonderfully screenprinted by husband and wife duo Ali and Jam, with a little help from their pug Hero

hello dodo 2.jpg

13. Frida Sugar Skull Pin - Corazon Pom Pom
Any Frida fans in the house? I love how Cat from Corazon Pom Pom has made the classic Frida look Day of the Dead inspired with this Mexican Sugar Skull design. Plus she’s even got little hanging earrings! How cool is that!

frida pin.jpg

14. Glittery Cat Brooch - Hello Sunshine
I own several of Hello Sunshine products and this gorgeous glittery cat brooch is on my lust list. So I can shout from the rooftops about the quality of the goods from this lovely lady. To me, there’s nothing that screams Halloween to me more than pumpkins and black cats, plus this one is sparkly!

cat brooch jo.jpg

15. X-Ray Cat Brooch - Birch please HQ
How gorgeous and unique is this brooch from Birch Please?! I love anatomy and science, so this beautiful cat X-ray brooch is perfect. You’ll be sure to get compliments on this whenever you wear it.

xray cat.jpg

16. Eyeballs Collar Clips - Midgardian Treasures
Eyeballs! Collar clips! That’s a win win in my opinion. Made from Ellie’s original drawings, these collar clips have lapel pin backs and are attached by a 14cm gunmetal chain. Perfect from adding to your Halloween outfits or adding some spook to your everyday outfits.

eyeball clips.jpg

17. Skull Print - Dots and Ink Pots
How could I do a Halloween Indie business spotlight and not mention one of my own prints?! One of my favourite anatomy prints is the Skull. It was the first design I ever did when thinking about designs for my shop and it holds a special place in my black heart.

skull print.jpg

18. Halloween Stickers -Peach Panda Studio
How cute are these Halloween stickers from Rachel at Peach Panda Studio? The vinyl sticker packs contain 21 spooky stickers featuring her own illustrations. These would be perfect for your planners, BuJos, laptop, phone cases or whatever you need to make spooky!

halloweeen stickeres.jpg

19. Flower Ghost Enamel Pin - Nutmeg and Arlo
The lovely fellow Elle from Nutmeg and Arlo has so many gorgeous spooky themed pins that it was so hard to choose. I just loved how cute this little flower ghost was, I mean look at its little face!

flower ghost.jpg

20. Yappy Halloween Button Card - Hey Hi Hello Art

This cute card combines my two favourite things: dogs and Halloween! This lovely design features real buttons which can be customised with certain colours and there are five dog designs to choose from!

yappy halloween.jpg

21. Autumn Sticker Pack - Eves Forest
How cute are Laura’s stickers? They are based on her original gouache paintings of the wonders of Autumn. You get five lovely stickers in the pack too. My favourite is the pumpkin.

autumnal sticker pack.jpg

22. Halloween Sticker Pack - Hey Hey Ginger Shop
Halloween and puns? YES PLEASE! Kate at Hey Hey Ginger has suggested that these adorable stickers are perfect for decorating your pumpkin with this year instead of carving it! Why not give them a go?

halloween sticker pack.jpg

23. Halloween Edition Marshmallows and Vegan Chocolate Orange Fudge - The Whimsical KItchen
Whilst I have to wait for The Whimsical Kitchen to finish developing the perfect Vegan marshmallows, she does wonderful non-vegan Halloween edition marshmallow kits. What us Vegans can have though, is her deliciously sounding Vegan Chocolate Orange Fudge. Yum, Yum, Yum!

vegan fudge.jpg
halloween marshmallows.jpg

24. Acrylic Bite Me Necklace - Bonnie Bling
How about this for a statement necklace piece! This stunning laser cut acrylic Bite Me necklace screams all the Halloween vibes but you can definitely wear it all year long.

bite me.jpg

25. Ghost Sticker Set - Katnipp Illustrations
I love watching Catherine’s vlogs over on her Youtube channel and in one of her recent ones, she showed you how she designed and made these gorgeous ghost stickers which are available in a set! Perfect for sticking on your laptop, in your bullet journal or on your phone case.

ghost sticker.jpg

26. Embroidered Ghost Black Sweatshirt - Pom Pom Stores
Sticking with the ghost theme, this hand stitched ghost jumper is perfect for everyday spookiness. Plus this jumper is unisex so it’s perfect for slouchy, autumn days.

ghost sweater.jpg

27. Sparkly Pumpkin Coin Purse - PupTart
Pumpkins, Pumpkins. I love pumpkins. This hand produced sparkly coin purse by PupTart is beautiful and perfect for stashing cash and an extra supply of sweeties.

28. Halloween Orange Spider Dog Bow Tie - Knot Just Bow Ties
Let’s not forget about our furry doggo pals on Halloween! If you don’t want to dress your dog in a full costume, adding a cute little spooky bow tie is the perfect touch!

dog bow tie.jpg

29. Toddler Spider Maxi Dress - Witching Hour Baby

This is perfect for any parents with young children. If I had a child, I would put her in it every day. I most definitely would have a goth baby!! With a screen printed white spider, this dress couldn’t get any more perfect for your little ones. Oh wait. It has POCKETS!

witching hour spider.jpg

30. Skeleton Skull Mouth Cup and Saucer - Illustration by Jones
If you know me, you’ll know that I love anatomy and Pathology - I sell anatomy prints for goodness sake! So you’ll know how much I adore these beautiful ceramics with her hand illustrated designs on. This skeleton skull cup and saucer would be a conversation starter at any Halloween party. I’d have it on display all year round.

skull cup and saucer.jpg

31. Personalised Witches Brew Mug - Nikki Moksha Designs
Perfect for sipping on your brew of preference, with the added bonus of being able to personalise the mug with any name! The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and is based on Nikki’s watercolour paintings.

witches brew.jpg

Well there you have it! 31 spooktacular Etsy finds that will be perfect for upping your Halloween game as well as supporting independent businesses and artists.

Community over competition
Elle x

National Stationery Week - Indie Business Finds!

Hello, it is National Stationery Week in the UK this week and so I thought I would use this occasion to gather some wonderful stationery together from some indie businesses!
I love stationery but I go through phases of buying it. Mostly because I spend the majority of my money on food...  However, these pieces have been on my lust list for ever.

1. Scrabble Inspired Fun Plans Stationery Set - Claireabellemakes -£10
With this wonderful little stationery set you get:
 -Fun Plans Notepad (A6 size, 50 sheets, 80 gsm) 105 x 148mm
- Slogan Pencil (Make Some Fun Plans)
- Fun Plans glossy sticker
- Gold glittery heart paper clip

claire scrab.jpg

2. Bunny Ears Cactus A6 Notebook - BertIllustration - £4
This little A6 Kraft notebook design is handrawn by the lovely Ashleigh. The blank pages inside are perfect for jotting down notes and ideas as well as sketches. Perfect for any plant obsessed pals out there!

bert cactus.jpg

3. Pug A5 Notepad - Hello DODO - £4.50
I am a sucker for anything with a dog on! If you love dogs as much as I do, then you'll love this notepad! 48 blank pages made from 100% recycled paper means that you can doodle away guilt free!

hello dodo notebook.jpg

4. Big Ideas Notepad - OHNORachio - £8.50
I LOVE a good list. I would write an endless amount of lists when I was in my teens. Even lists of lists that I wanted to write! This A4 notepad would have been perfect! It's gorgeous colour scheme and hand-lettering is a 10/10 from me. 50 pages at 80gsm.

onr shop notepad.jpg

5. Wizard Class A5 Pack of 3 Notebooks - Fairy Cakes - £12.00

As much as I loved lists when I was in my teens, I also loved Harry Potter. Yes, that's right. So, these lovely designed wizard class notebooks are perfect for pretending you're off to potions class or they can be used to contain your muggle notes. 40 pages of 80gsm recycled lined paper in a square stapled spine.

hoyfc notebooks.jpg

There you have it! I hope you liked checking out some of my fave stationery items for National Stationery Week and if you like them, the links are in each listing so click them and head over to the site! 

Elle x