The Ultimate Indie Gift Guide to Valentine's Day 2019.


Thank you for the love on the Galentine’s Day gift guide post! You all seemed to love it, so much so that I decided to do the same for Valentine’s Day! Yay! This is your one stop shop for all things lovey, there will be a range of gifts for your loved ones, whoever you love. After all, love is love.

1.Personalised Constellation Print - Hanging Monkey Arts £15+
What could be more special than a print of the night sky from a specific place and time of your choice? These lovely prints are based on data from Nasa in order to ensure accuracy of the sky. Completely customisable and gorgeously presented. This will be a hit, I’m sure of it.

Hangin Monkey Arts

2. Romantic Gestures Box - The Happy Makehouse £11.96
How beautiful is this?! A stunningly printed copper presentation box contains ten little glass tubes, featuring ten date ideas printed onto metallic paper. I just think these are a beautiful way of spicing up date nights and trying out new things. Once you’ve used up the ten ideas that come in the box, you can always reuse the glass tubes and put your own ideas in to keep the date nights going!

romantic gestures.jpg

3. You Turn Me On Card - Studio Boketto £2.55
This one is perfect for all the couples out there that aren’t about that lovey dovey life. Funny, crude and straight to the point, this 350gsm A6 card is a wonderfully different addition to Valentine’s Day. They also do so many other great cards, I highly recommend you check them out, if rude cards are your thing!


4, 5 & 6: Boob Socks, Dick Socks, Vulva Socks - Crudely Drawn £14
I’ve grouped these altogether because when I discovered this Etsy shop, I just couldn’t pick one pair of socks as they’re all fab. You or your partner are bound to like one of these pairs of socks and I just think they would look ace paraded around town.

boob socks.jpg
vulva socks.jpg

7. 4GB/8GB/16GB USB Mixtape - The Blank Record Store £15.99+
Mixtapes have to be the most iconic romantic gift of all time, right? This gift will replicate the nostalgic vibes whilst bringing it up a few decades. The label can also be personalised with your own message and design as well so you can really add that extra touch.

usb mixtape.jpg

8. Separated by distance pillow - HappyMode £22.79
A pillow cover adorned with a printed map of the world and any two countries can be joined together with printed red stitches. No pillow is included but the beautiful design more than makes up for that. This is perfect if you’re in a long distance relationship or you and your partner are separated for work or something.

distance pillow.jpg

9. I whaley love you mug - A Couple of Mugs £12.50
Sweet and simple with a cute illustration, this mug is perfect for giving to your loved one to use at work or it can be their new favourite morning tea mug.

whale mug.jpg

10. I Love You Wrapping Paper - Harfields Design £1.50
Finally, you have to wrap these presents, so how about this lovely hand screen-printed wrapping paper? All paper is FSC certified and with a smooth silky finish too!.

wrapping paper.jpg

I hope this list has helped stir up some indie business Valentine’s inspo for you and you can get unique with your gifts! Have a great day!

Elle x