Autumn To Do List

Autumn is here!

Get ready for an influx of pumpkins, burnt orange and hot chocolates, because they’re coming!
In honour of my favourite season and my love of writing lists, I have composed a list of my favourite Autumnal things to do to make sure you make the most of the best time of year!

1. Pick Your Own Pumpkin - Nothing says Autumn to me like going to a pumpkin patch, looking for the biggest one you can possibly find and then trying to carry it all the way back to pay for it.

2. Make Pumpkin Pie - I made my first ever Pumpkin Pie a couple of years ago and I loved it. It’s definitely on the list again this year.

3. Crisp Sunrise Walks - This is something I would love to do this year and take some lovely photos around town. Make sure to wrap up warm though!

4. Wear Cosy Jumpers - I don’t know about you but I would much rather be cold than too hot. At least if you’re cold you can wrap up warm and cosy. It makes sense then that 90% of my wardrobe is thick, cosy, soft jumpers.

5. Hot Chocolates - I haven’t had a vegan hot chocolate yet but I’m planning on warming some Oat Milk in a pan and whisking in a big scoop of the new Vego Chocolate spread. Mmmm.

6. Halloween Parties - Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday! I’m a dark soul at heart and being able to be surrounded by creepy/ spooky things and adding some to the home decor makes me very happy.

7. Watch Halloween Films - I’m not a fan of scary movies but if you are, now is the perfect time to watch them! My all time favourite Halloween film is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Plus it doubles up as a Christmas film!

8. Have A Bonfire - If you can’t have one in your garden, there are normally places around town that organise community bonfires for Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night. This is primarily a UK tradition on the 5th November to commemorate a failed assassination plot on King James I by Guy Fawkes and others. The plot was foiled and to celebrate that the King survived, people lit bonfires around London - hence the tradition. Nothing beats sitting round the warmth of the fire in coats and scarves.

9. Roast Some Vegan Marshmallows - This year I want to roast Vegan marshmallows on the bonfire! Sandwich them in between some Digestive biscuits and you’re on to a winner.

10. Watch The Fireworks - If you don’t want to get hold of your own fireworks, there are normally loads of firework displays held around town so even if you don’t want to leave your house, you can probably see some from your window. There’s something about sparklers and a crowd of people snuggled together in big coats watching the lights that is magical.

11. Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider - I tried mulled wine a year ago and it’s growing on me. It’s a classic Autumn/Winter beverage and the sweet cinnamon spices make it a great warming drink.

12. Stew and Dumplings - This is a classic Autumn/Winter dish for many in the UK. I’m looking forward to making my first Vegan stew this Autumn. Big, hearty dishes are my absolute fave in cold weather.

13. Ghost Walks - I’m yet to do one of these but as the darker evenings draw in they look to be a great Autumn activity, especially around Halloween.

14. Carve A Pumpkin - I absolutely love carving pumpkins so I try and do it every year. I have plans to paint some pumpkins as well this year so i’m looking forward to that. Carving can be messy but good fun is normally a bit messy!

15. Toffee Apples
- Apples coated in toffee is a perfect Bonfire treat or on a Halloween party table.

16. Lighting Festive Candles - I am a huge lover of candles and apple cinnamon smells are the best so being able to light festive smelling candles are a great part of Autumn/Winter. Plus they make any space super cosy.

17. Putting Fairy Lights Everywhere - I personally like to fill my house with as many fairy lights as possible. I like my kitchen to channel Nigella vibes as I dream of baking at night by the light of loads of fairy lights. There’s just something so magical about loads of twinkly lights.

18. Eating Cinnamon Swirls
- I just recently made some Cinnamon Swirls and I had to wonder why I hadn’t made them sooner. They were super easy, delicious and incredibly festive. Cinnamon is just the best festive smell.

19. Making Apple Crumble/ Apple Pie - Warm sweet fruit desserts are always a winner for me and again there is that cinnamon! I love baking at this time of year, there’s just something so cosy about it.

20. Apple Bobbing - A typical Halloween/Bonfire activity. No party is complete without it!

21. Make Your Christmas Cake -
I used to make Christmas cakes for the family before I was Vegan and I would normally start them in late August/early September in order to be able to feed them long enough with Brandy. They were always a hit, so I’m excited to be able to do a Vegan one this year. Christmas cake is the epitome of festive smells.

22. Take Long, Warm Baths - Baths are my favourite at this time of the year, although taking your clothes off to get in the bath is the worst bit when it’s super cold, the warmth of a long soak is worth it. Especially if you get some candles going on and a glass of wine. Perfect.

So, there are 22 of my favourite things to do in Autumn. I hope you like them, I’m slowly working my way through the list! Nothing says Autumn to me, quite like being cosy, lots of baking and Halloween.

Elle x