What I Learnt From Blogtacular 2018


I have finally finished writing about Blogtacular 2018. Yay! So, this marked my first ever Blogtacular experience and it was definitely interesting and informative. Instead of writing the standard blog post afterwards explaining how the event went in a diary format, I'm going to share with you my takeaways from the event. Because, my goodness, I learnt A LOT! Not all of this was learnt on the day, in the two weeks since I've been able to reflect and learn from things that happened on the day as well.

1. Tiffany Han's Keynote.
This keynote was the bomb. Full of SO many inspiring, motivating and kick-ass tips and lessons. Having not heard of Tiffany or been to Blogtacular before, I was unsure of what to expect. This keynote shot my expectations out of a cannon at great speed and exploded them into the sky in a series of fireworks. Before it was even half way done, I wanted to jump up, leave the room and work on my business. 

My top 3 takeaways from the keynote were:
1. Work on whatever you find exciting. If you're bored with what you're working on, your audience is going to be bored.
2. Do the things that won't leave you alone.
3. Be in front of the evolution.

2. Insta Stories Talk by Laura Jane Williams and Carrie Santana Da Silva
This was another fab talk that was funny and informative. I had never thought about my Instagram stories that much but this talk highlighted to me how important it is to be true to yourself and your brand. Laura asked us to think of three words that describe ourselves and create content that embodies them. My three words were: Passionate, True and Kind.
It helped me to narrow down my content, narrative and my brand and it's really helped me to look at the bigger picture.

3. Overall Feelings
I was very nervous before and during the event as I had never attended a conference of that size before and imposter syndrome definitely set in. Looking back, I feel that even though it was a perfectly normal feeling, I am pretty annoyed at myself for not being more proactive in starting conversations. At the time I made excuses for myself by saying "they look deep in conversation" or  "I don't want to leer nearby or be rude." Although it's perfectly valid to feel that way, I know deep down that I could have handled those situations, I could have broke the ice but instead I stuck to people I knew and on my own. Coming away from Blogtacular has given me the oomph and drive to go to more social and networking events and be the best and most confident version of myself that I can be.

Would I go back? Yes.
Tips for next time? Make more of an effort to network. Everyone is there to connect with people. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Blogtacular experience. There is no conference next year, but there is one in 2020. I'm so excited to attend that one! I'll be three years into my business and with the reflections from this one, it should be my most confident one yet.

Elle x