Vegan Inspired Etsy Finds

Many of you may know that I have been Vegan since March 2017 and it is something that is very important to me. I myself have been designing and working on some Vegan inspired products for you all but until they are ready I thought I would gather together some of my favourites from other Etsy sellers.

World's Okayest Vegan Jumper - Warya Tshirts - £17.10

This jumper is a perfect statement piece. I love the slogan for those days where you feel less like buddha bowls and more like Oreo's and vegan ice cream.

world's okayest vegan.jpg

Not your Mum, Not Your Milk Tee - The Goose and Rabbit - £18.19

This wonderfully illustrated design shows the exploitation of the dairy industry in a striking and artistic way. It's cute, yet informative and is simply gorgeous.

not your mum, not your milk.jpg

Vegan Tattoo Mug - All Glamour No Guts -  £10.00

I do not have enough mugs. This is one I definitely NEED. This Vegan tattoo style heart design is perfect on this mug. Simple, straight to the point and stylish, this mug is a win.

vegan mug.jpg

Avocado Boob Tee - Cactus and Spoon Prints £14.50
This screen printed t-shirt design is made using a hand-printed lino cut design. This cheeky t-shirt is sure to be a fun and casual way to show off your Vegan pride, or just your love of Avocados.

avo boobs.jpg

Vegan Badge Pack - Hello Treacle £5
These 38mm Vegan pin badges are designed, printed and handmade by Hello Treacle. The illustrated designs are perfect for popping onto bags, clothes and accessories. Plus the products and packaging are made from recycled materials where possible. Check the listings for further information.

vegan badge.jpg

Vote With Your Fork Print - The Creative Toucan £12
I love the Vegan prints by The Creative Toucan so much that it was hard to choose between them. My favourite design is the Keep Calm and Become Vegan print. Although this design is perfect for your kitchen walls. These prints are beautifully designed and illustrated and make the perfect vegan statement.

vote with your fork.jpg

Plants are Friends Jumper - Tme Printing £13.29
This screen printed jumper design is wonderfully illustrated and quirky. The company also operate a "Tees for Trees" initiative in that for every item they sell, they will plant a tree on your behalf. This is carried out with their partners at "Trees for the Future." So not only are you getting a great piece of clothing, you're also helping the environment in the process. Win Win!

plants are friends.jpg

Those are my first 7 picks! I really enjoyed coming up with this list and I still have SO many items saved in my Etsy favourites, so let me know in the comments if you would like to see another one in the future! I hope you go and check out these wonderful Etsy sellers and their great Vegan inspired items.

Elle x