National Stationery Week - Indie Business Finds!

Hello, it is National Stationery Week in the UK this week and so I thought I would use this occasion to gather some wonderful stationery together from some indie businesses!
I love stationery but I go through phases of buying it. Mostly because I spend the majority of my money on food...  However, these pieces have been on my lust list for ever.

1. Scrabble Inspired Fun Plans Stationery Set - Claireabellemakes -£10
With this wonderful little stationery set you get:
 -Fun Plans Notepad (A6 size, 50 sheets, 80 gsm) 105 x 148mm
- Slogan Pencil (Make Some Fun Plans)
- Fun Plans glossy sticker
- Gold glittery heart paper clip

claire scrab.jpg

2. Bunny Ears Cactus A6 Notebook - BertIllustration - £4
This little A6 Kraft notebook design is handrawn by the lovely Ashleigh. The blank pages inside are perfect for jotting down notes and ideas as well as sketches. Perfect for any plant obsessed pals out there!

bert cactus.jpg

3. Pug A5 Notepad - Hello DODO - £4.50
I am a sucker for anything with a dog on! If you love dogs as much as I do, then you'll love this notepad! 48 blank pages made from 100% recycled paper means that you can doodle away guilt free!

hello dodo notebook.jpg

4. Big Ideas Notepad - OHNORachio - £8.50
I LOVE a good list. I would write an endless amount of lists when I was in my teens. Even lists of lists that I wanted to write! This A4 notepad would have been perfect! It's gorgeous colour scheme and hand-lettering is a 10/10 from me. 50 pages at 80gsm.

onr shop notepad.jpg

5. Wizard Class A5 Pack of 3 Notebooks - Fairy Cakes - £12.00

As much as I loved lists when I was in my teens, I also loved Harry Potter. Yes, that's right. So, these lovely designed wizard class notebooks are perfect for pretending you're off to potions class or they can be used to contain your muggle notes. 40 pages of 80gsm recycled lined paper in a square stapled spine.

hoyfc notebooks.jpg

There you have it! I hope you liked checking out some of my fave stationery items for National Stationery Week and if you like them, the links are in each listing so click them and head over to the site! 

Elle x