How to beat "Blue Monday"

Hello everyone,

We are well in the midst of January and the 21st is the so-called “Blue Monday.” I don’t particularly like the fact that we have a designated day where we’re told we should probably feel like crap just because someone’s decided it . I personally think that the whole thing is a bit of a placebo effect. If you’re told you’re probably going to feel crap today, there’s probably a chance that you’ll be more susceptible to feeling that way. So in order to try and avoid feeling blue, I’ve compiled a list of ways to try and make sure you avoid the “Blue Monday” plague.

Say nice things to others
Normally, on days like this other people will probably bring up the fact that it’s Blue Monday a few times and use it as a reason as to why things are not going well or why they feel so down. Other people’s attitudes always affect the way the people around them feel so in order to counteract that, why not try and compliment as many people as you can. It will make them feel better and it’s guaranteed to make you happy too. Unless you’re a Scrooge.

Take time to find gratitude
Personally, i’m trying to spend more time filling in a gratitude journal so I can practice being more appreciative of what I have. Perhaps on Blue Monday spend ten minutes or so, first thing in the morning, writing down everything that you are grateful for. It will help to put you in a positive mindset for the day by allowing you to focus on the things that make you happiest and that you are grateful for.

Get a good sleep
I don’t know about you but I love a good sleep. At least 8 hours, lovely. A great sleep can do wonders for the mind, body and soul, so it’s no wonder that they recommend sleeping on a tough decision or stressful situation as a remedy. You can feel like a new person after a good sleep, but you can also feel worse. Making sure you get a sufficient amount of deep, restful sleep on Sunday night would make the world of difference to what mood you’re in when you wake up on the Monday. Getting out on the right side of the bed on Blue Monday would make a great deal of difference to your mood.

Spend some time outdoors
Another reason why people might find their mood low in the winter months would be because of the lack of light. Again, this doesn’t just apply to Blue Monday but all the dark months, getting out and getting some amount of sunlight could make a big difference. If you’re able to combine that with some time in nature or going on a nice walk, your mood could be lifted quite considerably.

Listen to feel good music
Music is my best mood lifter. Nothing beats putting on your favourite songs or finding a happy playlist, playing it loudly and singing along to your heart’s content. You’re instantly transported back to any memories you have associated with those songs and can be taken away from your current place and into the realm of the song. Try and listen to a few songs that you love and even have a little dance break from whatever you’re doing. It works wonders.

If you can, make time for something you enjoy
This kind of follows on from the music point, if you can find time in your day, spend it doing something you love. It could be something you don’t normally have time for in your schedule, something you’ve not done for years or just something that springs to mind. Just make time for something that makes you truly happy and don’t worry about whether or not the result is good if you’re doing art or whether or not they’re the prettiest looking cupcakes, just make sure you have fun and it makes you happy.

It’s just another day, nothing about it is different to any other day.
Yes, Christmas and New Years is over and we may have lighter wallets now but nothing about the third Monday in January is any different to the third Tuesday or second Wednesday. They are just days. Days are what we make them. If we wake up and decide that today is going to be a bad day, then it’s probably going to be a bad day. The Law of Attraction dictates that whatever you feel and put out into the world is what you are going to get back. Just because some holiday company said that this is the most depressing day of the year, doesn’t mean they are right. But they are if you let them.

So, I hope these tips may have given you some inspiration on ways to perk up your mood but ultimately I wanted to stick two fingers up at Blue Monday.

Blue Monday, you can’t tell us what to do.

Elle x