Veganuary 2019

Hey! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive break. It’s January in a few days, can you believe it?! January not only marks the start of an exciting new year but it is also Veganuary.


Just incase you don’t know, Veganuary is a challenge where people try going Vegan for the whole month of January. 168,542 people signed up to take part in Veganuary in 2018 and as of this post one person is signing up every 8 seconds for 2019. With Veganism hitting the mainstream this year and 2019 being proclaimed as the year of the Vegan, there has never been a better time to consider researching it and giving it a go!

Why take part?

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Going Vegan has a wide number of benefits. It is the most effective way to help our planet, with animal agriculture being the leading cause of climate change, not funding the dairy, egg or meat industry is the biggest way you can help save the planet. This is because eating a plant-based diet can cut our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution and water usage, prevent deforestation and save wild animals from extinction .

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Going Vegan can greatly improve your health. Cholesterol is the leading contributor of heart disease. With cholesterol only being found in animal products, going vegan means you considerably lower your risk of heart disease alongside other health benefits. Plus Vegan food is increasingly tasty with new alternatives being brought out all the time. The only way to fund new innovations in Vegan food is to create demand.

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Going Vegan helps reduce animal suffering. Animals are sentient beings who have the capacity to feel happiness and pain and eating meat, dairy and eggs causes them to suffer and be killed just to be eaten. No life should be valued less than your taste buds. For a cow to produce milk, they must be pregnant. Unfortunately, the most efficient way to do this is to artificially inseminate them. Then when their baby is born, for humans to drink the milk, farmers take the calf away from the mother. If the calf is female, it is raised to produce milk again and if it is male, the calf is either killed as it’s too expensive to raise or kept in small cages to produce veal. If this was something that happened to humans, society would not stand for it. So why should it be any different because it happens to an animal?

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Eating meat, dairy and eggs is a completely unnecessary action, when we can survive and thrive on a plant-based diet. Why do we decide to love cats and dogs yet pay for innocent animals to be killed because that’s “the way it’s always been”? You can’t love one, yet pay for the other to be mistreated and killed. We in the West have such anger when we see people in Asian countries kill dogs for meat, yet continue to eat cows and pigs without making the connection. Every animal deserves the right to live and there’s no way to humanely kill an animal that does not want to die.

Veganuary provides you with such an abundance of help, support, recipes, tips and resources when you sign up to take part that you will be guided every step of the way to make trying veganism as easy as possible. With so many vegan food items and products readily available now and so many being brought out all the time and by major brands and retailers, going vegan has never been so easy.

Here are a list of resources/further information that I recommend if you’re interested in Veganism:

Obviously for more information, resources and to sign up.

Eating Animals Book by Jonathan Safran Foer

How Not To Die Book by Dr Michael Greger

Earthlings Documentary - Graphic, more of an animal perspective

Cowspiracy Documentary - More of an environmental perspective

Forks Over Knives - More of a scientific and research based perspective.

What The Health Documentary - More about the nutrition benefits

So, if you’ve made it this far that you’ll consider researching veganism a bit more and even give the 31 day challenge a go. After all, it’s only for a month and if you try it and don’t like it, that’s fine, maybe it’s not for you right now. If you try it and enjoy it or feel better for it, then hey, that’s a wonderful thing! You can decide to carry it on!

It’s a win win.

Elle x