My Small Business Goals For 2018

Ello again! I hope you all enjoyed my past post on my small business round up. I thought I would continue on with that theme and document some of my small business goals and ambitions for 2018. I like to be as open as I can on my blog, but for obvious reasons I won't be telling you them all! Most but not ones I feel embarrassed to say!

2017 has been a great year for me in terms of my business. I launched in August after spending months and months planning and researching absolutely everything possible. I have made 7 sales since August and have accepted my first commission with another one planned shortly after I finish this one. I have reached 500 followers on Instagram, which although a small number for most, I am extremely proud of. It still baffles me that 500 people want to watch my journey and see my artwork. God knows what I'm going to be like when I hit 1000!!

I know I've made the first leap into the world of small business now and I'm incredibly excited to keep on going. So without further ado, here are my small business goals and ambitions for 2018!

1. Reach 1500 followers on Instagram
I did think about reducing that number slightly so it's easier and if I exceed it then everything will be amazing. However, I'm going in to this year with so much new found confidence and better planning. To be honest, you've got to listen to the laws of attraction. If you're going to be negative and diminish your potential, you're only going to get negative results back. So i'm hoping if I go into 2018 with a positive mind and attitude, that I will get positive result back if i work for them. 

2. Add new products
I have SO many new ideas for products and I know realistically that they can't all be made and not just yet anyway. I have narrowed my list down to two maybe three new product releases this year. This doesn't mean only two new things though! I'm going to be branching into new product areas generally this year, aside from prints. However, I have many plans for different designs within those areas. I'm incredibly excited to add more products to my shop and to take on different challenges, so stay tuned for those!

3. Make 50-75 sales.
I'm currently at 7 sales since August 2017, which I don't think is too bad! Especially considering my only products are £15 and £25 a pop! I'm hopeful that with the addition of some new, slightly lower in price products, my sales will go up! I think 50 sales is a good target for 2018 and I am determined and more organised with a solid plan in order to make that happen. 

4. Do more creative networking.
Starting my Instagram page in March 2017 was a wonderful opportunity to grow my creative network and to get better at tons of things. Product photography, selling myself, marketing etc. Over the past year I have been able to meet so many lovely people through Instagram that I never would have been able to become friends with otherwise. People that have proven invaluable to me already, either through advice, support or just pure loveliness. I have bought my ticket to Blogtacular this year and I'm looking forward to attending my first one and getting to meet lots of lovely people!

5. Sell at my first market
I really want to sell at some markets this year even if they're small, local ones. With my new products in the pipeline, I feel like I will have enough stock and variety to be able to sell at some markets and have the potential to at least make my money back. I feel that markets are a great way to put yourself out there and I just want to feel the buzz of selling something in person and seeing people's reactions to my work.

As well as being really ambitious and motivated to grow my business and do so much creatively, I need to be better at taking time to relax and do things for myself. I'm terrible at sitting and doing nothing i.e. watching a film or something on TV longer than half an hour, without having a pen and paper in my hand. It's physically a struggle for me to not be doing my artwork for long periods. Quite often things that I need to do like take long baths or exercise or read, get pushed to the side to make time for my art. This I plan to do less of this year. This is the year for me. Both career wise and personally.

That's it! Let me know if you have any goals for 2018 and what they are. I'd love to see what you plan to get up to this year!