2017 Dots And Ink Pots Round Up

Now that Christmas has been and gone, the end of the year is right upon us! So I thought it would be fitting to write a little re-cap of my personal and business events that have happened so far. I only opened my business on the 1st August this year, so not quite a year review, more like a 5 month one. However, I thought it would be nice to look back on in a couple of years time as my business grows.

First Sale
In August, one of my moon prints made my first ever sale, something which I didn't even think was possible. It's always daunting to start big ventures like this, let alone put your previously private work out in the open for people to look at and buy. I'm sure that I will have down days at some point, where I feel that my work is not good enough and that I should just give it all up. This is when I'm hoping I can look back at this blog post and show myself the things I've achieved. Someone does think that my work is worth purchasing and I am worthy of doing the things that I love.


7 sales and 15 prints.
By the end of 2017, I increased my stock of prints to 15, from starting at 5. This may only seem like a small jump up, but I get my artwork professionally printed and so stocking up with 20 copies per piece can be fairly costly. Then you have to have actually finished all the pieces, which for a pointillism artist can be quite time consuming! Not that I'm complaining or asking for sympathy,  but I am simply proving to myself that I have actually done a lot of work this past half a year. It's easy to constantly pressure yourself into working and feeling as though you could have always done more. This is something that I am particularly bad at and I always begrudge having time off, so this is me telling myself that I actually did a great job this year.

Space Mountains_06.jpg

Two pieces auctioned for charity
I created two original Alice In Wonderland themed pointillism pieces that were to be auctioned off in a charity fundraising night for The Beau Halo Trust. I personally didn't expect them to raise too much, however I later found out that they raised almost £300! I was flabbergasted and as well as being thrilled that this wonderful charity had received a generous donation for my work, it was also a personal victory to me.  I took it as a sign that what I am doing and the style and path I am taking is the right one.


First Creatives Meet
Back in September, I attended my first creatives meet up in Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Creatives Photowalk organised by ClaireAbelleMakes and Sunshine Jo. I did blog about the experience if you want to read about in more detail; the blog is a couple of posts back. Despite being incredibly nervous, I had the most wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting other creatives and taking in the beautiful sights of Cambridge. I also got to finally meet Claire and Jo after being friends on Instagram for a good while. Being accepted by other established creatives also really helped improve my confidence in my self and my work. 


First Commission
Just this month, I have taken on my first commission! Yay! I am hoping to take on more commissions next year so this is an exciting time for Dots HQ! This first commission is of a family cat, with another commission in the works to follow it! Commissioned work is hard to price for pointillism pieces, as the time taken depends on colourings of the piece etc. I am hoping with these first commissions to be able to work out time and pricing relatively quickly, so stay tuned for updates on commission availability!

Ticked off three countries, three counties and one state
Lastly, I have been able to tick off 3 countries (England, Wales, USA), 3 UK counties (Kent, Norfolk, Hampshire) and 1 state (Texas). I got bought a scratch map for Christmas which I am going to use to scratch off each country I send a piece of my work to. I am excited to start ticking off some more countries in 2018 and see how far I can go!

Thank you for supporting my business in any way, shape or form this year.
I am so excited to see what 2018 brings for me and my business.

See you in 2018!
Elle x