Cambridge Creatives Photowalk Autumn 2017

Hello again!
I have Monday off of work again this week, yippee! So I thought it would be only fair to write a blog post with my time. I have had a super fun and creatively recharging weekend, which involved a massive trek up to Cambridge. On Saturday I attended the third Cambridge Creatives Photowalk, run by Claire from ClaireAbelleMakes and Jo from HelloSunshine


I took the 8am train to London, hopped on the tube and then another train to Cambridge, all before midday. We met at a lovely pub called The Grain and Hop Store to have a chill and catch up before the walk began. This was perfect as I had been feeling pretty nervous about meeting new people for the first time and so it helped to relax me a bit! Claire and Jo had put so much effort into the extra details and gave us all our own little goody bags! This included a hand illustrated map of Cambridge and the route we were going to take, a balloon and stick so we were easily identifiable, some sweets and a few treats from Claire, Jo and SewMeSunshine. 

IMG_20171002_093358 (1).jpg

This particular Saturday happened to be the day that the new students moved in to the Cambridge universities and so it was rather busy down the main streets! Luckily the route had changed from the one on the spring photowalk so it involved more back streets, which was lovely. If you follow anyone from Cambridge on Instagram, the chances are you've seen a post or two from Jack's Gelato. You can probably guess what they sell from the name of the shop, but we stopped by and about 50 people bombarded the shop to get their mitts on some highly recommended gelato! It did NOT disappoint. I had two scoops of sorbet (obviously) one Damson and the other Mango.

After narrowly avoiding brainfreeze, we headed towards the river, passing the beautiful architecture of Cambridge University and viewing it from The Backs. I'm looking to do more dotwork pieces of buildings and this place was filled with swoon worthy architecture. After passing numerous bridges, a great deal of boomerangs and timelapses of people punting on the river were taken. When I say a great deal, I mean it. I myself have ten from this one day!  I'm very excited to come back in the summer and actually get to have a go punting for the first time! When in Cambridge and all that!




The Cambridge Satchel Company also lent us some of their new Autumnal satchels to wear on the walk. The mustard yellow satchel backpack was a huge hit! If you're thinking of buying one, head over to Claire's blog for a great link. 

As we neared the end of the walk we found a giant pink crochet flamingo, named Fandango, yarn-bombed to the side of a tennis court and of course had to have numerous boomerangs and photos with it. There were even confetti canons because of course there were!

After the walk had finished, some of us headed off to a foodPark Night Market event in the city. Inside and outside of a massive barn, there were various food and drink vans and live music. I had Steak and Honour's Shroom burger and fries, which was absolutely delicious, albeit a bit messy, but that's what the napkins are for right?
I amazed myself by restraining from vegan churros and had a nice pint of IPA instead. 


All in all, I am so glad I came. It was initially very daunting as this was the first time I'd met such a big bunch of creative people since starting my business and so imposter syndrome was very much in the back of my mind. However, the creative community that attended were so lovely and most of them were feeling the same way too. The environment that Claire and Jo had created was one that was so welcoming, friendly, warm and supportive. If you haven't been to one of their photowalks, I highly recommend you do. As of yet there is no date for the next one, but stay glued to their instagrams to be the first to know when there is!

I have come away from this experience feeling a lot more confident about myself and my business and that imposter syndrome is slowly but surely being stamped out.


Community over competition.

Elle x