Hi! I’m Elle and I’m a dotwork artist/ maker living in the South East of England, UK.

My grandmother taught me to draw when I was a child but since then I have been entirely self-taught. I discovered dotwork after trying to put together a sketchbook to apply for university. After not going to university, I quickly realised that my passion lied with dotwork. My design subjects are varied and different but mainly influenced by my time working in a Pathology laboratory.  Dots And Ink Pots is my place to showcase intricate, detailed designs that can work well in a wide variety of areas in a person’s life. Eventually I would like to have my designs on homeware, prints, stationery and everything in between.

I decided to open Dots And Ink Pots in order to highlight the the beauty and detail in everyday things through my artwork and have my designs accessible to others. The aspect of my designs I like the most is their ability to be both simple and incredibly detailed.  The main intention with all of my work is to create stunning and statement pieces of art, which can translate well in any environment.


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